Monday, November 9, 2009

Damn the Brits and their God forsaken language!

I know I complain a lot about TV here -- the old programs (Charlie's Angels and Mad About You!), delayed seasons (just finished up Season 4 of Top Chef where Stephanie won it all), lack of product commercials, etc. But this one really REALLY gets me.

Since Hong Kong was ruled by the Brits for many years, their culture here is as vibrant as the Chinese. While in many ways this is a comfort, the one thing I absolutely cannot take anymore is their so-proper-that-what-they're-saying-doesn't-even-really-make-sense language in commercials. Since they play the same commercials every break for an eternity (there are program commercials still playing that were on TV when I moved here a year ago!), it got to the point where Vin and I could recite them and realized they made absolutely no sense.

Here's the direct and complete voice-over from one commercial:

Be empowered by John Dykes and his guests.
With the vision to achieve the profound examination of the world of football.
Football Focus every Wednesday at 10pm.

HUH???? "the vision to achieve the profound examination"??? what in the hell does that mean?

Here's another one and I bet you a million dollars you won't have any idea what the show is about:

All across Asia one common essence exists.
Where the diversing cultures converge.
Sharing the same beliefs.
Speaking the common language.
As we get behind the supporting and supported.

Please tell me what you think this show is about based on that commercial (of which I've left not a single word out.) Is it a makeover show? A cooking show? A news program? Nope, it's a soccer show called Football Asia.

Dear God, help me because I am going to lose my mind.

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