Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More from the HK Zoo

Where we have pythons in Discovery Bay, my friend Laura who lives on the other side of HK in Cleanwater Bay, has these:

She took this picture with her iphone in her neighborhood!

Can you imagine walking out your front door and seeing a monkey strolling down the street?!

Sexy Time

Unshowered. hair dirty with chlorine from yesterday's swim. teeth not brushed. coming off strep throat and a massive cold.  wearing an old dress with visible stains on it.  no makeup.

I walk into my dry cleaners and have a 10-minute conversation with the lady.   There's lots of "please separate lights and darks" and "yes, fabric softener" and "where's your dog today, missy?"

As I'm walking out the door, she yells, "very sexy today, ma'am!"

...which just goes to show the power of large, black sunglasses.  I honestly can't see anything else about my appearance that would qualify as "sexy".

Friday, September 10, 2010

Blood Suckies

Walking through Central, you will see at least one office being picketed by locals.  It's kinda like the big blow-up rat in NYC -- it crops up at different spots around town every week.  I have no idea what these people are picketing about -- but the signs are the best.

One time I read one that said, "Canadians are killers."

And this one Citibank branch must be doing something wrong because there are people picketing outside EVERY DAY. And I don't mean every day the last month.  Every day for the last 20 months I've lived here people are outside with signs and bullhorns.  My friend Laura walked by last month and saw a sign that read - "Citibank are blood-suckies"

Blood-suckies?!  Priceless.

(Sorry I don't have photographic evidence for this posting.  I'll bring my camera to Central next week and see if I can get anything good.)

Shake 'em Buns

Shake 'em Buns is a popular burger chain in the Hong Kong.  Never having been inside but seeing the signs everywhere, Vin and I always laughed about how cute the name is.

Then Vin went in for lunch yesterday and had to choose from the menu that offered burgers called: Gang Bang, Debbie Does Dallas and Missionary.

Make that a clever, pornographic play on words.

My other favorite when perusing this menu is "Red on the Neck" which I have to assume is meant to be "redneck".  We don't get many rednecks in these here parts.