Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well folks, there's been a lot of speculation on this site about swinging.  And now, after lots of whispers and online solicitations, I have found a bonafide, witness-confirmed case of it.

Caveat #1 - It's not me.  I feel like I need to state this outright because if you're skeptical like me, you'll read this whole post and think I'm talking about myself in the third person.  I'm not.

Caveat #2 - I am not going to use any names or distinguishing characteristics that might point to who these people are.  Everyone will be Friend A or Husband 1.  I'm not here to out anyone and there are DB-ers who read this blog.

Caveat #3 - These are a lot of caveats for what is going to be a very brief story.  Sorry about that.

Let's get to the gettin' to, shall we?

Walking with a friend who sees another couple that she knows.  She remarks, "I bet they're off to counseling" and then proceeds to give me the only first-hand swinging story I've heard.  Apparently a few couples (not sure of the exact number - either 2 or 3) used to get together and swap partners.  I can't even begin to imagine how the first step of that process begins, but I'm sure there's alcohol involved.  This "party" happens multiple times - and, disturbingly enough, all in the same abode.  (I'm praying separate rooms, but who really knows?!)

Everybody's all hunky-dory with the situation until one adulterous couple (Husband 1 and Wife 2) decide they want to split away from the pack and do their own thing on their own time.  That's when the word "affair" starts getting thrown around and discord in the group begins.  Yet the couple continue their dalliances in bathrooms at public events and other venues.  My friend who witnessed it all isn't sure (or better yet, wasn't telling) what broke up the party because she pulled away from the group when all the drama went down.

I can't get the movie Ice Storm out of my head.  I also can't help but laugh that it only became an "affair" when the one couple tried to break off from the pack.  We need a Real Housewives of Discovery Bay over here.


  1. Hi JB,
    I don't mean to be a creepy solicitor, but while doing some research on an article about the real housewives of HK, the universe and google brought me to your blog. I think we have similar sensibilities (dig your posts on PBRs and Boone's) so if you're up for it, I'd like to pick your brain. You can check out my blog and email me at got.jag[at]

    I know it's chancy but I hope you reply!

  2. Hi Christine,

    Not creepy at all; happy to chat. Although I'm getting a weird "this may be a phishing website" warning when I try to go to the address above. Any chance you have a different one?