Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Because

One of the big things I've been looking forward to are Sunday nights.  Specifically Sunday night TV. So far, we've had NFL play-off football (the Super Bowl is next Sunday!), Awards season (although the Globes were a little lackluster this year) and then a boatload of new shows I need to start watching - Homeland, Downton Abbey, etc.  It's like couch potato overload!

Tonight, I happen to be watching E!'s coverage of the SAG Awards.  Just me, a Brooklyn Lager and my pug who's happily chewing on a crack bone.  Hubby is at the office.  Yes, I do feel some shame about our individual circumstances.  So I figured instead of flooding my Facebook with minute-by-minute status updates (although I *do* love how it annoys people!), I'd capture my thoughts here.  (If this isn't what a blog is for, what is?!)

First off, the dresses are lightyears better than what showed up at The Globes.  I guess celebs saw the papers and watched Joan Rivers the next day and decided they needed to up their game.  Here's hoping the show is better than the Globes, too.  If your brain protected you from the tragedy by erasing it from your mind, here's just a small sampling:

Other random observations from tonight's red carpet:

John Krasinski may edge out Gosling slightly as sexy sexy sex man sexy man.  Tall, handsome and funny?  Deep breath, Jess.

While I love her style, Michelle Williams is just awkward in interviews.  She comes off as nervous (if you like her) and condescending (if you don't).  She's been doing this a long time, so even if she's a shy person by nature, I need her to get over it.  It's part of your job and you're kinda sucking at it.

How do I get Melissa McCarthy to be my new bff?

How do I get the gorgeous Kristin Wiig to stop dressing so badly?

Viola Davis and Rose Byrne have knocked it out of the park with their outfits!  That pantsuit is beyond.  Kinda feeling the same about Zoe Saldana (the tank top is a great touch!)

If I was on a yacht and that yacht got harpooned on a deserted island, the other two celebrity couples I'd want with me are John Krasinski/Emily Blunt and George Clooney/Stacey Keibler.  I feel like we'd have such a good time..and like I'd really fit in.  No really, I do!

I am sick to death of people calling Angelina stylish.  She looks embalmed and appears to be color-blind (black & white taupe are the only colors in her closet.)  And who in their right mind thinks stark white satin and blood red satin are a chic combo?  It's like a bad prom mafiosa dress.  There is NOTHING stylish about her.

Tina Fey has really lost the baby weight, huh?!  Good for her!  Maya Rudolph on the other hand...

So that's it.  Yes, I'm a bitch and yes, this wasn't exactly a well thought out post, but it's my blog and I'll do what I want with it until you stop reading.  :)

Super Bowl and Oscars red carpet, here we come!

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