Monday, February 13, 2012


This'll be a quick one that, had I more time, could end up being a 5-page post.  Here's the difference between parenting styles in Discovery Bay and New York City:

Today a kid on a stationary (e.g., non-moving) scooter semi-blocked my exit at the grocery store.  His mother immediately saw this and said, "Carlton, I told you not to ride that thing in here."

Months ago, I was nearly knocked over by a kid on a scooter zooming by me in the grocery store in DB.  I rolled my eyes and said, "watch out" to which his mother gave me a dirty look and most definitely said nothing to her son.

I'm not even going to provide commentary on this; I think it speaks for itself.

PS - If Blondie from the Forum is reading this, I hope your head is exploding!  :)


  1. Oops - google ate my comment. as I tried to enter a proper "profile".

    Just wanted to say your observtions are spot-on!
    Now that I've been in HK for a few months, my impressions are going...south, way down. Esp. in the wake of recent hoopla over mailanders. To call it "pot over the kettle black" is perhaps an understatment!

    And lurve your Noo Yawk posts! Hope you get your stuff delivered soon and keep well!

    1. aw thanks!!! Yeah, I think one has to adjust to HK adn then adjust to DB - it's a whole different world in both!

  2. It KILLS me that no one in Hong Kong ever says 'excuse me'! Kids definitely aren't going to say it if their parents don't give a hoot and don't do it themselves. I just don't get it.

  3. Well, I've seen discussions at some online forum where people (non locals) defend HKer's behavior/manners (or lackthereof) vehemently. Suffice it to say that most defenders are married to locals, which may have explain why, after so many years of British rule, civilizations have yet to arrive in this fragrant harbor. Leave that to the mainlanders, some may add. :)