Saturday, October 11, 2008

Discovery Bay -- Our New Home

Discovery Bay is an island on Lantau that's a 20-minute ferry ride to Central-- the main downtown area on Hong Kong Island (~ Times Square meets the Financial District). Where Hong Kong Island is bustling and chaotic, Disco Bay is a serene island with no cars allowed (everyone travels by golf cart) where the mountains meet the South China Sea. I like to think of it as Hawaii's Chinese cousin. Vin says you feel like you're at Atlantis/Paradise Island when you step off the ferry. Strollers and dogs may not be welcome on HK Island, but in DB its a kiddie and dog paradise. Although no pug sighting yet, so Victor may be THE PUG of DISCO BAY (if so, he's asked that we have business cards printed up.)

In fact, DB Plaza has a special area where doggies can wait while their owners shop for groceries. Check out these two patient pooches!

In addition to being dog-friendly and an official green community, Disco Bay offers beach-side living and a fabulous country club. Country vs. city, Coke vs. Pepsi, Biggie vs. Tupac. There's no beach vs. pool dilemma in Disco have both!

(Editor's note, there was a big panting chocolate La
b just out of the camera's view. He had gone on a long walk and was about to run into the ocean. His owner moved from New Jersey in January.)

Da (Country) Club features 2 outdoor pools, an indoor pool, all kinds of courts (tennis, squash, basketball), a gym, kid's playroom, classes out the wazoo (pilates, watercolor painting, yoga, etc.), a fancy restaurant, a kid-friendly cafe and a bar (where loads of British football matches are watched!)

Am I gloating? Maybe just a little...

Our apartment search took only 2 days. We looked at 10 units overall-- some we liked, some we loved, others we said, "oh no they didn't" (snap). Then we found "The One," or "La Onda" as it's called. In Mexico "Que onda?" is slang for "What's up?" so I like to call our new home the "What's up Playas Building".

Our living room is the long round window on the 5th floor.

For all you House Hunters addicts, I'm going to get all Suzanne Wang and walk you through our place. (Warning: if looking at empty apartments in the middle of renovation isn't your thing, proceed to the next entry.)

The view from our apartment is spectacular because one side of our living room is a wall of windows. You can see from one side of the island clear across to the other. Looking to the left....

And looking out the right. (You can see the ferry from this view.)

Looking back at our apartment (windows are behind you), you see the dining room (ignore the people and equipment and note the steps) and our guest bathroom. On the far left (woman in red pants is blocking the door) is our master bedroom. The door in the far back left is our front door and the door to the left in background (other woman blocking it) is to our kitchen. To the right of the bathroom is a hallway to the other 2 bedrooms.

Overall it's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment (no helper quarters!) that has a washer-dryer (the ultimate NYC status symbol!) It's within walking distance to the ferry, DB Plaza and the beach. For anyone who wants to see the nitty-gritty photos (that's you, Mom!), let me know and I can email them to you.

How did we celebrate our lease signing (I didn't mention we signed a lease on this puppy?!)? A cold beer and sizzling beef fajitas at Zak's -- a seaside DB establishment that is sure to become Casa Birardi #2 in the months ahead.

So, do I even have to ask?? WHEN ARE YOU COMING FOR A VISIT?!

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  1. WOW. I am so excited for you guys. You will basically be living in paradise - love it!!!!