Sunday, October 12, 2008

You want more???

Found a few more pix that help paint the picture of life in Disco Bay, so if you haven't had enough check them out! (Warning: It's a really random mix.)

Nothing like a nice cold beer on the ferry ride home to Disco Bay after a hard day's work...or an equally stressful day running errands for all you fellow Tai Tai's out there!

A few points of irony on this picture:
  1. It's taken inside Uncle Russ's Coffee. They sell beer at coffee houses here!
  2. Even though the Australian beer Vin is holding has his initials on it, chances are I'll be drinking more of them than he will (especially before the marathon.) I tend to do the drinking in the family...

I couldn't resist another shot of our fabulous living room and windows.

This is one of the paths to the beach. Pop Quiz Time! This picture shows just how ______ Discovery Bay is:

  1. lush and green
  2. kid-friendly (it's a double-stroller, folks!)
  3. expat-friendly (it's a white woman pushing the double-stroller)
  4. envionmentally-friendly (look at the size of that trash can!)
  5. all of the above

Speaking of the beach, this shows you how close the beach is to DB Plaza. All the umbrellas are Zak's -- a great beach-side restaurant and bar.

You can see our apartment is in the background (see the two big towers and then that smaller tower to the right of it? We're the smaller tower.)

The opposite perspective -- looking back at the beach from Zak's. (I know, I sound pretty Zak-obsessed.)

See previous note about obsession with Zak's.

On another note, check out all the guilos (Cantonese for white people). Turns out DB is so expat-friendly that it's deemed somewhat uncool by the locals who prefer the exciting buzz of the city (or The Island as Hong Kong Island is known). We went out to dinner with friends on Saturday night -- Vin's colleague who's
a Korean-American from NJ but has resided in HK for quite some time and his fiance, a Hong Kong native. When asked if she'd ever been to DB the fiance said, "Why would I want to go to Discovery Bay? It's all guilos."

A shot of DB Plaza. The picture makes it look kinda empty, which it definitely wasn't on a Saturday afternoon.

Finally, McSorleys where you can grab a pint and catch the latest Chelsea match. Dirk!

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