Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fruits in Suits

I have to be honest -- the job search hasn't been going according to plan. My goal was to come back from Phuket and dedicate all my time and resources to finding a job. I was going to take a very systematic approach -- updating my resume, creating an action plan, brainstorming all the leads at my fingertips, researching good opportunities.

That was a week ago and all I've done since then was pick up the latest Time Out Hong Kong. (Yes, we have one here.) The cover boasted "Find your dream job" so I felt like there was some divine intervention at work. Giddy and slightly naive in thinking "this is going to be a cinch", I bought my Time Out and read it on the ferry ride home. I expected to find insightful nuggets in finding a job in Hong Kong, but all I got was generic advice like, "Don't lose your job in the first place." Uh, thanks Captain Obvious. What about those of us who don't have a job?

Well, Time Out had an answer for that. They offered 3 networking organizations that you could use to meet people and suss out job leads. One was for Aussies only. Strike One. Another was for people in investment banking. Strike Two. The third was called Fruits in Suits -- and was a networking group for gays and lesbians. I kid you not. Don't believe me? Google "fruits in suits" and they're the first website that pops up.

Can you imagine seeing that on a resume? "I graduated Phi Beta Kappa, volunteer at the local soup kitchen and am a member of Fruits in Suits." It's not that I have a problem with such a group existing; it's that they would call themselves "fruits" and in a business setting, no less.

I'm trying not to let myself use this as an excuse to stop looking....but c'mon -- FRUITS in FREAKIN SUITS?!?!?!!!!

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