Monday, June 21, 2010

Poser Alert

Things I have started to say:

"air con" (in lieu of A/C)
"holiday" (instead of vacation)

Things I've been thisclose to saying:

"bloody" (as in "really" or "very")

With only 4 days before I'm back in NYC, I feel the need to put this out there...because chances are I'm going to let one of these slip and you're going to give me hell for it.


  1. I asked a coworker in HK, a local girl who speaks English really well, to please "turn on the AC". After she asked what that was and I told her, she replied sarcastically "Wow! Aren't YOU cool 'AC'!" ;-)

    1. Well, now I can't stop saying "air con". Think New Yorkers think I'm trying to be cool, but I can't stop myself from saying it now (and it's been 6 months since we were in HK!)