Monday, June 21, 2010

Things that make me smile

I know I complain and joke here a lot, but there are many things about Hong Kong that I like.

The transportation system puts NYC to shame -- taxis are dirt cheap; the subway is a clean, air-conditioned, lovely affair!

My exposure to Chinese, Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai and other Asia cuisines has skyrocketed!

Every Friday on my way to an exercise class, I pass these people who are doing tai-chi in our Plaza.  I love that they all bring their little sword that they practice with!

The other night some friends took us to an Italian place in the Mid-Levels.  It was pretty high up the mountain so we had a killer view of the Mid-Levels escalator - another great part of HK.

When I'm ripping on the lack of manners or style, remember that there are many things in HK that make me smile!

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