Friday, November 26, 2010

Say What??

This is not necessarily exclusive to Hong Kong, or Asia for that matter, but it is something comical and therefore "blog appropriate": nonsensical, bizarrely worded t-shirts.

You see them all over the world, but there seems to be a disproportionately large number here in HK.  I'm not sure why exactly, but think it goes back to my "Americans with Chinese symbol tattoos" analogy.  People think what they're wearing says one thing, when in fact it says something else entirely or nothing at all.

Case in point, here's one I saw on the bus today:

If you can't read the bottom line, it says "Grow up Mind"... Now it's all clear, right?!

So, you have an adjective followed by a noun, followed by a command, followed by who the hell knows?!  I even tried piecing the red letters together, thinking therein lies the logic.  Nope.  Also tried to the black letters.  Strike two.

I guess it's better than one I saw in NYC before we moved here, though.  It read, "I wouldn't f*ck you for practice."  Classy, huh?

Yesterday, I passed the following 2 tshirts in the same walk!  Didn't have a camera, but the wording should suffice:

"Cheer You Up" (accompanied by large smiley face with two X's for eyes.

"It's the Exotic Summertime" (I think the "the" really makes it.)

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