Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tai Tai Brownie Points

I've always had a black thumb.  Which is odd because my dad's side of the family can grow pumpkins and roses out of concrete.  I'm not sure why, but the green gene definitely skipped a generation.

Since being here I've managed to kill a mandarin orange plant (our first Chinese New Year), a large palm (until my helper Lyn nursed it back to life by watering it every day and shoving used tea bags in the soil?!), and many an orchid.  It's always a sad affair because I really like how plants and flowers look and smell.

With some friendly tips from Lyn (like misting orchid blossoms with a spray bottle daily) I've found myself the proud owner of two orchid plants that have sprouted new blossoms in the last few months!  These puppies were bald - and I wasn't convinced they'd ever sprout again, but now one plant alone has 18 - EIGHTEEN! - buds that are blooming or about to blossom!

I feel like I just should receive some tai tai merit badge or something.

Speaking of flowers, the coolest looking tree is blooming outside our building.  It has two-toned flowers - pink underneath and white on top.  I promise I'm not turning into some horticulturist, but you have to admit this is a cool tree.

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  1. very pretty tree indeed!
    any idea what it might be called?