Monday, January 31, 2011

Hoppy New Year -- Long Live the Rabbit!

I'm a rabbit and it's the Year of the Rabbit so I'm expecting BIG THINGS in 2011.  (Do you hear me, God/gods/powers-that-be??)  Since most of you don't celebrate the lunar new year, I thought you'd like to know what's in store for 2011.  I "borrowed" this from another site:

The year of the Rabbit is traditionally associated with home and family, artistic pursuits, diplomacy, and keeping the peace. Therefore, 2011 is very likely to be a relatively calmer one than 2010 both on the world scene, as well as on a personal level.

Conversely, nations will also become more insular and increasingly lock down their borders to protect against the "other". However, 2011 will also see new art movements projecting a distinct national identity taking the world by storm. Shrewd and creative new business partnerships will also form to the benefit of all.

Rabbits who thrive on delicate business dealings are best suited to navigating the year ahead. Those compatible with the Rabbit — the Sheep,Dog and Pig in particular — will also find 2011's circumstances inspiring them to greater personal happiness and professional success.

Others will suffer, by degree, depending on how flexible they are to the world mood. Those who have cultivated careful negotiation skills (or, perhaps more importantly, can sniff-out and swiftly dodge dangerous situations!), may attain similar good luck enjoyed by rabbits and those compatible with them in 2011.

Bunny-licious display at Chater House (mall)
Now here's where I have a big issue with Chinese astrology - I know maaaany people born in the Year of the Rabbit and we all don't fall into this category.  Regardless, here's what us Rabbits are supposedly all about:

Characteristics of The Rabbit
The three words that best describe the rabbit? Calm and gentle, but persistent.

Quietly charismatic, thoughtful and calm, rabbits are admired for their tactful and considerate dealings with all who know them. As such, they are most often depended upon for their wise counsel, or as someone in which to put valued trust in a personal friendship or a business dealing.

One of the most cautious signs in the Chinese zodiac, they are the chess players who take their sweet time before making a move. Yet, they are also the ones most likely to win any intricate game of strategy!

This most obvious of rabbit personality traits also spills into their romantic dealings, and rabbits will not commit to any one person right away.

Once they are settled down in a domestic relationship, however, no truer or more sweeter spouse is likely to be found.

In dealings with family and friendships, they can always be counted upon for a sympathetic ear or a gentle hand to hold.

Their highly developed natures can also be found in artistic pursuits. They have an impeccable eye for color and line that is evident in their thoughtful fashion sense. The rabbit is usually on anyone's Best Dressed list.

Despite (or because of) their outwardly calm demeanors, rabbits are extremely shrewd In business dealings and may never show their hand until just the right moment. They are also quick to bolt from any perceived danger and intuitively know when to fold - and run!

While I would classify myself as a sharp dresser, I don't think I've ever been called patient. In fact, it's usually my impatience that people comment on.  Nor have I ever been called "calm" and "gentle".  Must be the other bunnies.

We are celebrating Chinese New Year by jetting off to a beach in the Philippines -- a nation where Catholicism rules.  Makes sense, right?!  

Kung Hey Fat Choy (Happy New Year in Cantonese) to you all!  

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