Sunday, August 7, 2011

And I Thought Fingernail Clipping Was Bad...

Experienced a new low on the ferry over the weekend.  Was sitting in my seat minding my own business when I hear someone behind me fart.  Turn around to find a Chinese woman wafting her crotch area with a my direction.  I guess she thought it was a good idea to fan her fart. 

And her husband sat right next to her the entire time.  That's love and devotion - or a seriously sick fetish.

You can't make this stuff up.

PS - Why is this blog suddenly dominated by flatulence stories??!


  1. Yeah, we wanted to hire a new helper (Chinese) the other weekend. She came in, said "Hi" and took a 5 second fart. Didnt blush nothing. Asked us where she should start. After one and a half hour, she said she is exhausted now and will go home. In that time, she had vacuum cleaned the floor in the ground floor (we had to do it again, after she was done) and mobbed the stairs.

    Anyway, thats what came to mind when reading your experience. :)

  2. Now THAT is funny...and so believable.