Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shining Jew

Check out the following picture, which V took during his lunch break today.

Yes, it's a jewelry store called "Shining Jew."

I'm shocked to learn that there's a Jew living in Hong Kong because along with black people and Hispanics, decent bagels and a slice, Jewish people are few and far between in these here parts. In fact, I'm quite sure there is no Jewish person affiliated with this shop.  Instead, some industrious Hong Konger has decided to play off of the stereotype (which I'm frankly surprised they even know about).

Oh and as with most English signs in HK there are a few grammatical errors.  Like that "Jew" ends in a period.  Maybe it's the abbreviated version of jewelry?? Or that "Kong" isn't capitalized. And I love that they have the "(Hong Kong)" after the title. Lest you forget what city you're in.

Only in Hong Kong, folks...


  1. Oh my gawd -- that is too funny! Must be 'jewelry' abbreviated, right?

  2. That's what I thought, but why abbreviate the most important word in the title and then have ("Hong Kong) Ltd" after it?! Doesn't make sense, right? So they're either playing off of a stereotype or just incredibly dumb.

  3. Jew sounds like a surname in Chinese.