Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Surgical Mask Mea Culpa

I hate being wrong.  And I really really hate having to admit to being wrong.  So you can imagine how happy I am to publicly acknowledge being wrong on my blog.  Especially on the heels of my Baba about-face.

I've never understood why people here wear surgical masks in their everyday life.  Walk a block and you'll pass at least a dozen people wearing masks - with 2/3 of their face completely obscured.  (I'm still not sure I could pick my allergy doctor out of a line-up and I see that man every month!)  Half of them aren't even sick and most reports I've read say these masks don't keep you from getting sick anyway.  When I pass any of these dental hygienist look-alikes, I can't help but snicker and roll my eyes. Give me a freakin break...

With record-breaking pollution levels, a burning throat and aching chest for 5 straight days, I now find myself screaming a loud and proud MEA CULPA at the top of my polluted lungs.  Except, instead of wearing a surgical mask and fitting in, I have to walk around with a bulky scarf wrapped around my head.  Can only imagine all the jihad jokes that are going on behind my back (and rightfully so!)

I feel like this falls somewhere in between a Murphy's Law and Never Say Never lesson.

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