Monday, April 18, 2011

Secret Ziplock Stashes (and the People Who "Guard" DB)

Here is another random, bizarre element of Discovery Bay... Have a look at the pictures below and note the Ziplock bag containing some sort of pamphlet inside, which is zip-tied to the railing. 

This is one of many secretive little stashes that can be found hidden in spots around my neighborhood.  This one is pretty conspicuous.  Most are hidden behind shrubbery or between slats in a fence.  I've even seen one hidden up underneath someone's window!

They came to my attention when I saw a guard writing in one with her stubby little golf course pencil (also attached via string to zip lock bag) and then furtively stuff it back in in and walk away like nothing happened.  I was very curious, but late for the ferry so I didn't stop to check it out.  Now, when I'm out walking Victor, I see these little hot pockets hidden everywhere!  In our neighborhood alone (La Costa, for all you DB-ers reading this), I've spotted at least six.

So what on earth is kept inside these sandwich bags?!  Is it a census - are they keeping track of the number of bike-riders and dog-walkers they see in a given day?  Or is it a weird version of a time card - seems like a clandestine spot for punching in on the clock.  Or is it their way of tracking anything out of place - like "3:20pm Friday - child's bicycle leaned up against house #12"?? It's all in Chinese, so I can't tell.

Whatever it is, I love that they're storing it in Ziplock bags out in the open.  Cutting edge storage system, don't ya say?!

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