Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Stand-Off

This post has nothing to do with Hong Kong and everything to do with being married.

This is a duffel bag from our not-so-recent trip to Barcelona. (We landed back in HK on March 9th - a month ago.)

A certain husband decided it would be a good idea to pack one of those cardboard silo-like tubs of Quaker oatmeal in this duffel bag.  Whereas his wife wouldn't have dared to pack something so un-sturdy in a soft duffel bag that will surely get tossed around like a rag doll by airline baggage guys, this husband didn't think twice.

It's probably unsurprising (if you're a woman) to hear that when the bag arrived in HK and was opened, the tub of oatmeal had exploded.  Oatmeal EVERYWHERE.  Wife says to husband, "Clearly you - and not I - will be cleaning this up."  After some hemming and hawing, husband reluctantly agrees.

A week goes by and the duffel bag sits untouched.  Wife decides to collect her belongings from the bag, clean oatmeal off of them and leaves the rest for husband to deal with.  Husband still does nothing.

Another week goes by and the helper takes matters into her own hands and vacuums all the oatmeal out of the duffel bag and leaves all the oatmeal-free contents in the bag.  Mildly annoyed wife tells very elated hubby that the duffel bag is now oatmeal-free thanks to lovely helper and that now all he needs to do is take his clean crap out of the bag and put it all away.  Hubby has the gall to ask if helper would put things away.  Wife vetoes this idea immediately.

That was two weeks ago...  As you can see, the duffel bag and all of its contents are still sitting in the bedroom waiting to be put away.

Wife is no dummy; she knows that hubby is hoping presence of bag will get to be so much that she'll just put everything away for him.  But oh no, wife will not give in.  She will let that bag sit there until Christmas if that's what it takes.

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  1. Better give the helper specific instructions not to touch the bag!