Monday, April 18, 2011

You've Got (no) Mail

One of the things I miss most about living in the States?  Getting mail.  We don't get any mail here - and what we do get is total crap.  We get bills, about 10 circulars from real estate agencies (all showing the same 20 properties) and 5 completely random, typo-riddled fliers from contractors and illegal massage parlors.  We also get the latest version of InsideDB - a "magazine" (not sure it qualifies) that is so boring I don't even bother opening it anymore.  (I stopped when I found a typo in their cover story headline! How hard is it to proof your cover?!)

Oh how I remember the days of mindlessly throwing out my J Crew and Pottery Barn catalogs. Now when I'm back in the States I covet them and try not to flip through them all at once.  No more excitement when my Vanity Fair or New York Magazine arrives (because they don't ship to HK).  No more "We know you like this [insert Magazine or Store here], so we thought you might enjoy [insert Magazine or Store here]."  Not even a freakin menu!

Just my lonely little metal mail box filled with air.

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