Friday, November 4, 2011

Lists, Lists and More Lists

As I start to contemplate life after Hong Kong, I feel compelled to wrap things up in a nice, neat package.  For someone like me (a Type-A Virgo who believes she can control everything including weather on her wedding day) that means a list or, in this case, a few lists.

Here's what I will miss and not miss about this place...

What I will miss about Hong Kong
  • Hot pot
  • Hot pot
  • Did I mention hot pot?

  • T-shirt weather in December
  • 2-hour plane ride to Thailand, 1-hour plane ride to Vietnam, 4 hours to Singapore, 4.5 to Tokyo, etc.
  • Clean streets
  • Cheap taxis
  • Reliable, timely, clean subway system
  • Star Ferry at night 
  • $4 bowl of shrimp wonton soup on Wellington
  • Weekly tai tai lunches with Laura

What I will NOT miss about Hong Kong
  • Rice Kings
  • Playing chicken with the locals who try to walk through me (actually, I might miss that!)
  • Annoying telemarketing calls in Cantonese
  • Sweating through all my clothes
  • Pollution 
  • The sights, sounds, smells and disgusting stuff on the ground at the wet market 

  • America bashing
  • Feeling like a giant around 90% of the population
  • The lack of black people, Hispanic people, good bagels and Mexican food
  • The panicked frenetic beeping sound from the crosswalk lights 
  • Malls - if I ever step foot in one again, shoot me

What I will miss about Discovery Bay
  • Poolside at Siena Club 2pm on a Sunday 
  • XL iced teas at ZAKS
  • Manic Mondays, Jump-n-Pump and other Christa-led classes
  • Walking Victor leash-less around La Costa
  • Coffee at a picnic table in the Plaza at 10:30am on a Monday
  • Wine/beer/alcoholic beverage in the Plaza at 5pm on a Thursday
  • Being surrounded by friends who are exactly in your situation (kind of like college for adults)
  • After-work tennis game with the hubby on a Monday 
  • Being called "sexy" by well-meaning Filipinas
  • The views

Boxing Day 2010
What I will NOT miss about Discovery Bay

  • Sucking in diesel fumes while waiting for the ferry
  • Fusion cashiers not understanding how a conveyor belt works
  • Life in a fishbowl
  • Parents who have NO IDEA where their 3-year old has wandered off to in the Plaza
  • The HKR fun police
  • People farting/burping/clipping their nails/[insert disgusting behavior here] on the ferry 
  • The Forum (ok, maybe a little) 

Hong Kongers and DB-ers - what am I missing?!


  1. Oh no -I've just recently found your blog after moving to HK from New York and thought I finally found a place to share my musings about life here, not the least of my bagel raving. :) Sad to see you go but all the best in your reacquaintce with life back in New York.

    Do you mind if I email you for some advice?

  2. Sorry, craving not raving. Darn auto correct.

  3. Welcome!!! Absolutely! Email me at I have an email chock full of info for American newcomers.