Sunday, July 15, 2012

People and Their Pets

I'm in no position to judge people for acting crazy with their pets.  My dog was a featured part of our wedding, after all.

However, I had to smile when I walked by an outdoor cafe today (on the UWS, for all you New Yorkers) and saw a woman eating by herself.  Except, no she wasn't.  There was a medium-sized bird cage with a small yellow bird inside sitting on the table.  Obviously it was her lunch companion.

Sorry, no picture - was walking back carrying groceries and didn't feel good about trying to snap a pic of this lady (even though many of you are undoubtedly scoffing or gagging at the thought of a bird on a table where one eats.)

And for all your DB-ers I find this way less offensive than the people letting their kids run wild on the ferry.  Discuss.


  1. Interesting layout. The family of love picture is nice.

  2. Yes true! I'd rather sit near a fellow diner with a controlled/behaved pet than be some greater distance of another with 'disruptive kids at large.'