Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to my Neighborhood

Can't remember but think I may have bragged about my new place - we are on the Upper West Side and happen to live right on Central Park West.  I know, I know... I could punch myself in the face on your behalf.  Needless-to-say there are maaaaany great things about living in our location.  Here are two I did not anticipate:

Blossom giving a "Jewish Values in the Age of Entertainment" talk at a synagogue around the corner and...

An art installation on our block.  Yes, ladies and gentleman - some artiste created this masterpiece and every day it doesn't rain, he pulls the tarp off to let us admire his work.  When the tarp is on, I *swear* it's not my dog who pees on it.  And yes, that is a Rastafarian Chester Cheetah in the driver's seat.

Try not to hate.  ;)


  1. Replies
    1. I was checking out your posts about HK and your views on it and I have to say all you Americans are the same. You think too highly of yourselves and go around taking things for granted. The bitching is also first class too. You complain about this and that but you don't take a step back and look things in the big picture. Everywhere you go there's bound to be the beauty and ugly side of things. What you have encountered, the farting the nail clipping and the Chinglish only applies to some and not the entire city. Not to mention the so-called 'suffocation'... what do you expect? HK is a city and not a country. US has bigger places, but I don't think it's got the best fresh air or whatever you call it. All I know is that when you go to a another country or city, you need to adapt. Most of the white folks live in DB, that is why you don't even bother to understand or even try to understand the Chinese culture. Instead, you rant about it and take a small portion of the ugly side and conclude that the entire HK or heck even Chinese culture is ugly. Oh and before I go on, HK is a independent city, that is why we have our own flag. Before it was handed over back to China, we we're under British rule. Unfortunately a lot of mainlanders from China give HK a bad name. The fart, the spitting, the rudeness mainly comes from them. Yes, Hongkongers too have that problem, but there are others who have their manners. Just because you happen to encounter a few shit people doesn't make you have the right to conclude that HK is below NYC.

      If you don't like HK that much, leave your husband alone in HK and go back to NYC then. I'm sure it's 'perfect' place because you US folks always think that the US is a perfect place. Pfft... nothing is perfect.

  2. For someone who is very insulted at the (incorrect) accusation of being lumped with all of Hong Kong or Asia, you sure find it easy to categorize all us Americans in your opening line.

    Most of my entries on this blog find humor in the situations I encountered in Asia - but yes, I'll admit that I find farting and nail clipping in public places gross. I'm so weird that way, aren't I?!

    If you continued reading, you'd see that I do the same with NYC- point out what I love, what grosses me out, what I find perplexing, etc. (Did you purposefully not read my NYC subway post?!) I just happened to have a lot of these observations being new in a foreign land. By no means do I think the US is better than Hong Kong - in many respects, I think just the opposite.

    None of that matters though because you clearly have your prejudices against Americans. #hypocrisymuch?!

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