Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mas de la Casa

I present to you the second installment of our apartment slide show; below are pictures of our guest bedroom and living room. Enjoy!

Guest Bedroom (a.k.a. where you will sleep when you visit, so just book your ticket already!)

More home-sewn goodness (these curtains hide so many things stored on our window seat!)

Yes, I've tried to capture every angle for you

The Living Room (of which not much has changed except things are now on the walls)

The OCD color-coordinated bookshelf

The Bob Guccione original was given a special spot


  1. I never knew you were such a seamstress - did you do the curtains by hand or with a sewing machine?

  2. sewing machine and i really have to give my mom all the credit since she worked the machine. I hand-sewed the weights into the bottom of the curtains...

  3. Interior decorating is definitely on the cards for you! my goodness, you need to start a business. Love the guest room. I'll have to share you blog with Adrian to entice him.


  4. Hi Jess, I am having a great time following your blog. Your mom did a GREAT job with that fabric. I loved it in Cinci and it looks wonderful in Hong Kong!

    I sent the you tube video to Alex,Jon and Joe

    Love and miss you,
    Aunt Denise

  5. looks so homey!! the guest room chande is fab...