Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mui Wo

We decided to spend a 75-degree sunny Sunday afternoon on a sleepy beach town called Mui Wo ("muy woah") that's either a 2-hour hike or 25-minute ferry ride from DB. We decided to hike it and, 20 minutes into our hike, met many ferral dogs who didn't like Victor's presence in their backyards. We also encountered our first fire beater (see below). Hmmm, ferral dogs and fires? That ferry sounds nice after all.

Mui Wo is very SoCal -- people hang out, have BBQs and go fishing. Victor had a blast playing with some of the local dogs on the beach -- and this Golden Retriever refused to come out of the ocean!

It's also a blip on the Hong Kong map, so imagine our surprise when a couple wearing matching Miami University sweatshirts walked by us. They graduated in 2004 (is that even possible?!) and were both exchange students (she from HK, he from the UK). They lived on, you guessed it, Western and I just have to think our respective Miami experiences must've been sooo sooo different. It was hard to picture this tiny Asian girl doing mind probes at Saloon. (Forgot to take a picture of them; sorry!)

After strolling around the island for a few hours, we decided to catch the ferry back to DB. Only glitch was that we forgot to check the schedule and the next ferry wasn't leaving for 2 hours! We ended up eating nachos, a margherita pizza and a banana daquiri (Vin, not me!) at the China Bear, which was nice but kinda cold. I've come to realize it's not worth eating American-type foods out here because they never taste the same and just leave you craving the real thing. After eating these nachos all I could think about was Dos Caminos' guacamole.

Some hikers and their dogs (I swear it was a 5:1 dog/hiker ratio) stopped for water.

Then we huddled outdoors freezing our butts off waiting for the ferry to come, using Victor as a heater!


  1. That is funny about the Miami Western folks, did you immediately tell them you are a KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA and sing a song for them? ha!

  2. LOL -- no but i was DYING. I mean this town has like a few hundred residents, so the chances of running into someone from even Ohio is pretty slim. I think they would've died if I started singing...Strangely one of the sorority songs I remember most clearly is a DG song -- "Delta, Delta Gamma, I'm so happy that I am a Delta, Delta Gamma with my sidekick, little Hannah..." I blame it on Kim Johnson.