Monday, May 17, 2010

Girl Nuts

My Naughty Pussy friend (she's gonna kill me for calling her that!) has shared a few more gems from the playground.

First, apparently kids here have bastardized a very harmless saying and now run around calling each other "scardey pussy".

Even better than that, she came home to find her 10 year old son and 2 of his friends on the computer.  When she looked closer she saw the term "girl nuts" entered into the Google search engine and asked what they were looking for.  Turns out they wanted to see what girly bits looked like and assumed that since they have "nuts", they'd be able to see what girls have by Googling "girl nuts".

I'm scared to know what Google Images would come back with on that one!

Update: My Dutch friend just read this posting and shared her own funny story.  Her friend's daughter was doing a school report on cats and Googled "pussy with no hair".  Yes, the poor girl had quite a scare when the Google image results came back.

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