Monday, May 31, 2010

Hong Kong Corn is Wack!

Rode the bus yesterday after working out and unfortunately got caught in a tornado of kids who just got out of school.  (Note to self -- don't work out between 1-4pm.)

Being sandwiched between 60 12-year olds wasn't fun, but it did give me a front-row seat for some of the most hilarious conversations I've ever overheard.

12-year old British kid (with classic British accent) sitting with his three buddies: "When I was in America, I had corn on the cob there and it was, like, the best corn on the cob ever. Then I came back here [Hong Kong] and I ate corn on the cob and I vomited. The corn here is wack."

Temporarily distracted by another group of kids who were yelling, "She-Male, Female...She-Male, Female." I don't think they know what a she-male is; think they were just having fun with words.

Then I tune back into the boys convo and this kid is still talking about corn!

"There may be a few black parts, but you know it's good when you fry it and it's golden, not brown."

I've decided that instead of making this a blog about my newish life as a housewife, I'm going to ride the DB buses and ferry when school lets out and report back on all the crazy things kids around here say.  Between me and my Naughty Pussy friend, we should have a few NY Times best-sellers in no time!


  1. I'm telling you buddy we could have that book filled in a week. You must not have been on the school ferry back from Central. Oh that is classic stuff! x

  2. I ride the "school ferry" all the time but almost always have my ipod on. guess i'll have to try eavesdropping next time! :)