Monday, May 31, 2010

Fat and Milky

I need to come clean about something.  There's a chance that I've lost my illustrious "housewife" title and have to close down this blog or name it something else.  I took a job -- part time only! -- and so have passed off the cleaning portion of my duties to a lovely helper named Lyn.  I still cook (every meal), clean the dishes and laundry, do all the grocery shopping, iron Vin's shirts and walk Victor 3 times a day.  

You know what -- forget I said anything. I am SO justified in my title.

Anyway, my new job involves planning community events -- so it's great because I'm out meeting people, using my brain and putting 11 years worth of skills to use.  All without the crazy clients or ridiculously unrealistic deadlines.  Nice, huh?

However, this being Hong Kong, it's never straight-forward.  See the following email I received from a printing vendor I'm working with:


I will send you the roof today.


Yes, I can now say I know someone named Fat.  And he's sending me a roof (not a proof).  Awesome.  

I wonder if Fat knows Milky, who just rang me up at our local drug store.


  1. That is awesome, Jess! And I don't think it hurts your Housewife status. Ramona, Bethenney and Jill all have jobs too.

  2. ew, bite your tongue Steph!!!! I can't believe you lumped me in with those psychos!