Monday, October 18, 2010

Introducing: Gargantu-Pad

During my recent hostel, I mean hospital, visit I was forced to wear pads the size of Texas.

It's longer than my forearm:

...and the fat part of a tennis racket

It overshadows our ipod docking station...

...and makes normal-sized paper look like an index card.

My shoes are tiny...

And so are V's!

A few more and I could ship wine back to the States!

Or it could double as a towel for my umbrella.

Our longest remote and a standard DVD don't even come close!

Wait - my laptop is almost as big.  (Please refrain from ipad jokes.)

Finally - something comparable!  The pad they made me wear is the same length as my cutting board.

Around 15 inches, to be exact.

A 15-inch pad... is meant to be worn by an Amazon, not a tiny Asian.  How on earth do these fragile birds walk around in these things?!

I'm hanging onto these bad boys in case I find myself in a MacGyver-esque situation.  If nothing else, I'll use them to wax my car or mop my floors!


  1. It's the pad that ate Hong Kong!!!!

  2. Exactly! They could totally make the next Godzilla... Hong Kong's Godzilla is GargantuPad.

  3. I almost wet my pants reading this - hey - that MAXI (and seriously, they are MAXI) pad could have been just what I needed!