Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sex & Chopsticks

In the last 24 hours, I learned something shocking and hysterical new about two Asian cultures, both of which I've visited.

Saw what might be one of the funniest headlines ever in our newspaper:

(Mom/Dad/Grandma/Mama B - please stop reading now.)

Then, last night we're out to dinner with friends (two American couples who've been living in Asia for 7+ years) and they make a joke about a certain infamous Singapore law (and not the one outlawing chewing gum).  Apparently there's an actual, bonafide law that if a woman is performing oral sex on a man, the act must be completed by having sex....and cannot be completed any other way.  If the act is finalized in the mouth, the woman can be thrown in jail!!!

Of course this begs all kinds of questions like - who would know, how does one go about proving how a bj ends, why on earth did this become a law in the first place.  But the thing that really kills me is that 1) it's not really within a woman's control how these things end up (if you catch my drift) and 2) the idea that some man who can't control himself could then call the cops and get you locked up for something you had no control over is CRAZY!!!!

I used to daydream about living in Singapore (instead of HK) because it's so Americanized.  Between this and chewing gum law, I'm not so hot on the idea anymore.

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