Friday, January 28, 2011

Pizza! Pizza!

Anybody remember the old Little Ceasar's commercials where the Roman cartoon guy always said, "Pizza Pizza"?  Am I dating myself here?!

I've lamented a few times on this blog about the lack of decent pizza in this town.  I won't rehash it but suffice it to say, HK has felt like the big pizza desert.

Then today the heavens opened up and the pizza gods bestowed upon us the most gorgeous, delicious gift... a fat New York slice.  For all you New Yorkers saying, "BFD" (an acronym, btw, that I first heard from my mother!!), try going a month without a slice.  Then try 2 months and then 6 months and then we'll talk.

V and I were so overwhelmed by the piping hot pies in the window that we ordered 6 slices and a calzone, with the intention of bringing half of it home. Nothing better than cold pizza over the weekend, right?!  I wish you could've seen the local's faces when the food arrived at our table.  They looked at us like we were circus freaks.  Not that we cared - you can't trust someone who eats pizza with a knife and a fork.  V says you can't trust people who don't fold their slice (he's a real New Yorker!) and I'm not sure how to take that since I don't fold mine.

Here we are enjoying a beyond-scrumptuous New York Hong Kong slice:

Update: Only two weeks after posting this, Paisano's - the place above - announced that they're opening up a place in Discovery Bay in early March!!!  I'm overjoyed and scared for my life.  Don't be surprised if I've gained 40 lbs the next time you see me!

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