Monday, May 23, 2011

Here Comes the Bride...

...Doing a photo shoot during your morning commute.  (That rhymed; I feel very Eminem right now!)

If you remember one of my earlier posts, I gave you the low-down on the unique customs of a Chinese (or maybe it's just Hong Kong?) wedding.  One of the more surprising elements were the photo shoots that take place in the months leading up to the big day featuring the bride and groom dressed up in someone else's clothes that they rent for the day.  These photos are included in the save-the-dates, wedding invitations and slideshows on display at the reception.  There are at least 5 different locations, backdrops and wardrobe changes for the end product.

Here's a photo shoot in action - complete with veil blowing in the breeze, tuxedo-clad groom off to the side and photo assistant crouched down behind the bride.  To me, this is just an odd backdrop.  For those non-HKers, she's standing on a crowded walkway connected to a mall that's almost always filled with people running to catch a ferry.  This is also the spot where the crippled people beg for money.  Now there's an uplifting visual for your wedding invites!  Unless he proposed to her on this walkway (which leads to an even bigger question of WHY?), I can't understand the sentimental or artistic appeal of taking photos here.

Note the person crouched down behind her.
Crouching, but not-so-hidden photo assistant!
And don't even get me started on the convenience factor, or lack thereof.  People are trying to get to work or catch a ferry.  This is so NOT the place to set up your big-ass photo shoot.  Isn't there a garden or beach you could be doing this at instead?! 

Actually this is pretty tame.  I once took Victor for his daily afternoon bathroom break and found a bride full-on splayed out flat on her back on our sidewalk.  Bride roadkill, if you will.  I just wanted to take her aside and say, "My dog pees here -- in that very spot where you're resting your cheek on the pavement - at least twice a day.  I've seen a man puking in the area near your legs.  You may want to get up before you stain your rented dress."  But I didn't.  I just did my best to keep Victor from peeing on her.

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