Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1,2,3,5,4.... A,B,D,C,E...

Be warned, this is more of a vent than a post.

If you are a logical person, Hong Kong is not the place for you.  Case in point:

I had a meeting on the 18th floor of a building I'd never been to before -- the Wing On House, which is on Des Vouex Road.  I arrive at the Wing On House and am presented with 3 elevator banks in a row.  From left to right, they were:

Floors 1-9...................... Floors 22-35..................Floors 10-21

Does that make sense to anyone??  Of course when I attempt to ask the lobby person why floors 10-21 aren't between floors 1-9 and floors 22-35, they have no idea what I'm asking and just keep shoving me towards the 3rd bank of elevators.

I get to the 18th floor and can't find the office I'm looking for.  When I call, they inform me that I'm at the wrong building.  It's the other Wing On House on Des Voeux Road.  You know, because naming two buildings in the same city, let alone on the same street, makes a lot of f@#ing sense, doesn't it?????

If you read about someone going postal in Hong Kong, please print out this blog and hand it to my attorney.  Thanks.

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