Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To a Grrrrrrrrreat 2010

The first day of Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger) coincides with Valentine's Day this year, which has created quite the conundrum for the Discovery Bay decorating committee.  In the end, they went with some pagoda looking love-themed display with red chinese lanterns hanging in the background.  I want to meet the person who designs these vomitous, illogical things.  I would've gone with something more daring -- like Cupid riding a Tiger or something.


As with most major holidays, the malls have gotten in on the action.  The mall closest to us -- IFC -- decided to go with what I can only interpret is a Three Chinese Wisemen approach.  You can't tell from the photos, but these cherubic figures actually sway in sync!

Strangely, Alexandra House (another mall) is the only one to actually incorporate a tiger into their displays.  It looks a little cheesy, but the tiger is made up entirely of flowers, which I'm guessing have been spray-painted...

Oh and here's what we can expect during the Year of the Tiger:

Drama, intensity, change and travel will be the keywords for 2010. Unfortunately, world conflicts and disasters tend to feature during Tiger years also, so it won’t be a dull 12 months for anyone. The Year of the Tiger will bring far reaching changes for everyone. New inventions and incredible technological advances have a good chance of occurring. For all of the Chinese horoscope signs, this year is one to be active – seizing opportunities and making the most of our personal and very individual talents. Everything happens quickly and dramatically in a Tiger year – blink and you could miss an important chance of a lifetime!

Here's hoping you live up to your potential in 2010!

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