Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Color Therapy

I wanted to reassure those of you who visited our UWS apartment that the bookshelf is indeed back to being color-coordinated! It was a job I kept for a rainy afternoon (well, not a rainy afternoon since it hasn't rained since I've been here, but a day when everything else was done and I was looking for something fun to do.) I've caught shit for my color-coordinated bookshelf in the past (ahem, Scott Solomon) and just wanted all the haters to see that it's thriving in Hong Kong. For those of you who like this sort of thing (e.g. Domino subscribers), here are some up-close shots!

The blue books (thank GOD that stupid oversized book about all the baseball stadiums fit in the back!):

The yellow/orange section:

And of course the red section (sorry for reflection, someone needs to bone up on her photography skills!):

Freakanomics and all its kin are Vin's books, which he doesn't actually read. He reads a chapter, takes notes in the margin on that one chapter and then it sits on some surface in our apartment with a pen sticking out of it for months. Bitter, party of one, your table is now ready...

And another living room shot just because!


  1. i don't think has actually read a whole book since Tale of Two Cities in HS, ha!

  2. I bet color-coordinating your books is considered good feng shui... good job!

  3. LOL -- he BUYS a ton of books... but then only reads a few pages before they start gathering dust. it drives me crazy.

    Steph -- good point. i hope i enhanced my karma!

  4. I love the color coordination. Dan, Mr. I color coordinate my ties in the closet appreciates it too. I guess you never got that helper? If you did then she would be ironing and doing laundry and you could take your tennis lessons and have martini lunches.