Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You are in the Wood Zone

I gave you the background on numbers and how important they are here. (Funny story -- I was at the store getting my cell phone yesterday and, as part of the process, they give you a list of potential phone numbers you can have. Needless-to-say Vin and I were scanning the list of anything sans 4 and with lots of 9s and 8s in it.)

Anyhoo, I thought I'd share an example of feng shui at work in everyday life. I've read that almost all large buildings (e.g. offices, government building, even some skyscraper residential buildings) follow feng shui principles when being built. It's considered unsafe if you don't...

Well, I went to Elements, the mall underneath Vin's office (e.g. bordello Christmas decor) and loved that the mall map, which told you where Tods and Sephora were, also told you which "zone" you were in -- metal, fire, wood, water and earth.

I happened to be in Wood...and I have NO IDEA what that means. Are there people who only shop in the Fire zone? Or others who wouldn't be caught dead in the Wood zone? Clearly I need to Wiki this thing... God forbid I'm an Earth person shopping in the Metal zone. I don't want to mess with the gods while I'm here...

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