Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Living up to my title

It's official -- I'm a tai tai. I came to this conclusion when I found myself ironing my husband's shirts whilst (they use "whilst" instead of "while" over here so I thought I'd try it out) a load of towels swirled in the washing machine. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise -- I knew ironing and laundry were part of the housewife bag. What I didn't expect was to fall into it so easily. I got excited about assembling my new Ikea spice rack (is it so wrong to love a spice rack?) and love making the bed. I spent an hour organizing all the items that go in the cabinet under both bathroom sinks and chopped 10 different kinds of veggies for a special Peking stir-fry I made for last night for dinner. After 3 years of marriage it was nice to finally break the wok out...

Sure, there have been some obstacles: The toilet in the master bathroom stopped working and our doorman fixed it with a paper clip. I don't have enough space for all the stuff I bought at Costco so it currently resides in the guest shower, something the hubby just looooooves.

But is this really the life of a tai tai? Something tells me a proper tai tai spends her days at tennis lessons and martini lunches. Not this tai tai. Maybe it's my midwestern roots. I'm chalking it up to the newness factor and think in a few short weeks, I'll be writing about how much I hate ironing and how making the bed is for suckers. But for now I'm reveling in the use of an iron and mop.


  1. Hey Jess, I'm sitting here with the gang: my parents, M and Luca, and Sue. they loved the pics and miss Victor B.

  2. nice!! how's Big L?? Victor B misses you guys, too.