Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pug Life

Sometimes, as I'm tooling around the apartment ironing or cleaning or whatever, I happen to find Victor B in some of the most comfortable-looking spots. I thought I'd share -- especially if it's particularly cold and wet where you are. I remember days at work wishing I could be curled up on my couch (maybe not on a sheepskin throw) watching a Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon.

Also wanted to share some pix from our recent hike to The Peak with friends Andy and Michelle. It was Victor's first time on Hong Kong Island and also his first time on a ferry. Like all other forms of transportation, he slept most of way. (Get him in his green bag and it's all zzzzzzzzzz.)

Those are our friends Andy and Michelle. They both work with Vin and are engaged (to each other, not Vin). Not sure if you remember my posting about The Peak and how we took a tram to get to the top and the ride was basically like climbing a roller coaster hill? Yeah, well we hiked that. On foot. It was nice...and torture. I think my butt dropped a size or two by the time we reached the top. Even Victor had to stop every once in awhile. Somehow, though, Michelle managed to lead the pack the entire time...and at times she was running and trying to get Victor to follow her. He wanted no part in it. This is him saying, "Is this bee-atch for real?"

I enjoyed the hike -- and really truly pray that my ass shrank, even just a little bit.

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