Monday, December 8, 2008

My Hubby Rocks!

Hey everyone,

I'm back! I hope you're as excited to read that as I was to write it. The whirlwind Bon Voyage Tour is officially over -- and while it was wonderful, Victor B and I are happy to be reunited with Vin in our new home -- Discovery Bay.

Before I dive into all the new updates since arriving here on Thursday, I wanted to post a quick video and photo from the marathon. My super-fit and super-duper motivated husband ran the marathon (26.2 miles for those non-runners out there) in 4 hours flat. Hot, right?!

(A special thank you to Randy Garutti for the voice-over.)

The other big news from my hiatus is that I became an aunt! My nephew Luca Cole Gentile was born on November 13th, same day as Tom Brenner's birthday. While it's pretty clear he's a Gentile, we're hoping the Birardi genes start to come out in the next few months! Ain't he cute?!

I have lots to share -- pictures, stories, etc. and promise to add more postings very very soon.


  1. Congrats on the marathon! And I like your hair Jess! Love, Barb R

  2. thanks and thanks! Vin and I were just remarking on what a kick ass job you did on your half marathon. Seriously, that's like an INSANE time you got! Congrats again!