Monday, December 8, 2008

No Fouling

He's here. He's really really here. I think I speak for most of you when I say that I was optimistic Victor B would make it to Hong Kong, but also scared to death that he just might not. Of course neither Vin nor I said anything along these lines to each other; we were all rah-rah "I can't wait for Victor B to get here" in the days leading up to the big trip.

While we were a nervous wreck, I like to picture Victor taking full advantage of his 2-day cross-country trip to HK -- smoking a spliff during his lay-over in Amsterdam, that kind of thing. Whatever happened along the way, Vin and I were the big dorky parents who were standing in the window of our apartment waiting for him to arrive. I'm sure George, the man who picked him up at the airport and got him through customs, thought we were nuts -- 2 raving lunatics waving maniacally from the 5th floor as he drives up to the building. Our poor unborn children...

Anyway, I'm happy to report that Victor took to Disco Bay like pigs take to mud or big girls take to cake! Here are a few pictures from his first Disco Bay walk -- taken right outside our apartment. Isn't our fountain awesome? I give it 1o days before Victor tries to jump in.

Oh and as for the title, instead of saying "Curb your dog", the signs in HK read, "No fouling." This could be confusing on its own, so they have a picture of a crouching dog with poop coming out of his butt. Why leave it to chance?!

Peeing on palm trees -- another first for Victor B!

Victor has already met tons of dogs. Just today we met the local vet's wife and their chihuahua Pico. I was very "proud Mama" when she told me that Justin (the vet) had mentioned Victor B to her. Erin (the vet's wife) seems cool (in the 5-minute conversation we had!) so now I'm already plotting how we can hang out, with Victor and Pico, of course. Is that too stalkerish of me??

Our walk ended at the beach where Victor chased waves and showed off his digging fetish.

We hope he's not trying to dig his way back to New York. Check out the sandy face, which is cute in pictures and not-so-cute in a "choking on sand and hacking up a lung in public" kind of way.

I leave you with an extra adorable picture of Victor B napping on our couch. The family unit is officially in tact!


  1. I am so glad to hear he made it!!! He is going to get to dig in that sand so much, he'll love it! - Barb

  2. Victor B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thanks guys! yes, we're happy he's here. the sand is a bit of a nightmare considering all the folds on his body. i may be limiting our beach outings to 3 a week (instead of daily!)